P2P Online Training

For the hungry, not the faint at heart.


The purpose of P2P is to equip those whom God has set apart as a prophet to our church, community, or nations. As well as provide understanding to those seeking to understand the prophetic.

1. Train prophets and prophetic people to understand and function in the prophetic.


2. Train budding prophets in a classroom setting, and periodically online. 

3. Provide an intimate culture of study on the office of a Prophet through the Bible, and other prophetic literature. 


4. Train prophets how to follow prophetic protocol.

5. Provide a platform for students to be taught by seasoned prophets and intercessors, who serve as guest lecturers.


6. Train prophets how to serve their local church and Pastors effectively. 


As a student of the Prophet to Prophet course, you will be expected to read materials that are assigned to you and turn in homework as you are instructed. You are expected to show up for all scheduled on-site and webinar training.

Participants will be taught and challenged to determine their place in the prophetic, whether the office of the prophet or operate solely in the gift of the prophetic. Each module is designed to assist in their journey as they recognize the process, pitfalls, principles, and purpose of the Prophet or Prophetic gifts. 



After acceptance into the program, level one is the starting point for everyone and is the prerequisite for level two. Students will be tested and must obtain passing grades and a certificate of completion from current level to proceed to the next. Written and a verbal test will be a part of each course completion. After the end of level three, you will be eligible to apply for an advanced prophetic training program where you will receive hands-on one to one training, opportunities to exercise your gift in live settings, and possible ordination into your call. (This will be pending the approval of your local pastor). 

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Learning the different types of prophets

An in-depth history of biblical prophets

  • Nature and functions of the prophet

  • The awakening of the prophet

  • The prophet as a servant

How to respond to the prophetic call

  • l
The prophets Sacrifice


  • Personal Prophecy

  • The disciplined lifestyle of a prophet 

The qualifications of a prophet

  • And much more…

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